Several BC MLA's Endorse Jagmeet

July 11, 2017 - Federal NDP Leadership Candidate, Jagmeet Singh, welcomed eleven additional endorsements including eight current and one former Members of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, and two more BC NDP candidates in B.C.’s recent election. See the list of BC MLA endorsements here:


Ravi Kahlon, NDP MLA for Delta North, B.C.

"Jagmeet, like many of BC’s newly elected MLAs, represents a new energy that is the future of our Party.  I’ve seen Jagmeet in action here in BC and watched him connect with people. Jagmeet is the leader our federal party needs."



Harry Bains, NDP MLA for Surrey-Newton B.C. 

"Jagmeet has an unwavering commitment to human rights and workers rights. He is our next generation of political leadership and I am proud to support Jagmeet for leader of Canada’s NDP."



Lana Popham, NDP MLA for Saanich South, B.C.

Climate Change requires long term commitments and Jagmeet has the courage to make them.   I have dedicated most of my political career to food sovereignty in relation to climate change and I know Jagmeet shares these values.



Judy Darcy, NDP MLA New Westminster, B.C. and former CUPE National President

 "Jagmeet is a really exciting candidate who can generate support from people of all ages and diverse communities from coast to coast. I’m looking for a leader who can inspire our party and Canadians with a bold vision for the future. Jagmeet is this leader."



Rachna Singh, NDP MLA for Surrey-Green Timbers, B.C.

"Jagmeet is a strong advocate for human rights and social justice. As leader of a national party he will inspire a fresh outlook on politics for our country. I am honoured to endorse Jagmeet Singh for Leader of Canada’s NDP.  "



Bruce Ralston, NDP MLA for Surrey-Whalley, B.C.

"Jagmeet’s understanding of BC and the needs of communities in BC, like Surrey, has impressed me. As leader of the NDP, his energy and ability to inspire people across the country, will ensure our party’s growth and success in 2019."



Anne Kang, NDP MLA for Burnaby-Deer Lake, B.C.

As a former City Councillor and now MLA, I am looking for a federal leader who understands the issues cities and provinces are tackling - especially around housing affordability and climate change. Jagmeet is that leader and I am proud to support him.



Rob Fleming, NDP MLA for Victoria – Swan Lake, B.C.

"Jagmeet worked hard across BC to elect Canada’s next NDP government.  His tireless energy and willingness to work to make life better for people makes him the leader we need to climb to new heights again in Canadian politics."



Bobby Deepak, 2017 BC NDP Candidate Prince George-Mackenzie.

"Whether he is talking to someone in the BC interior or in a major city, Jagmeet has the ability to connect with people. As leader of the NDP, Jagmeet will be able to grow our party across Canada."



Amandeep Singh, 2017 BC NDP Candidate for Richmond-Queensborough

"While knocking on doors with Jagmeet during my election, I saw that he has what I look for in a leader. Not only is Jagmeet committed to progressive politics, but he is approachable, he listens, and has that rare ability to connect instantly with people."



Jane Shin, Former NDP MLA for Burnaby-Lougheed

Jagmeet is a dynamic leader who can engage and inspire Canadians of every walk of life. He will be an intelligent and compassionate voice in Ottawa, making politics relevant for all. I am proud to support Jagmeet to lead the NDP on the national stage.