Canadians with Disabilities Guarantee

Canadians believe in lending each other a helping hand - it is who we are. 

Canadians with Disabilities Guarantee

Over a million Canadians live with a severe disability and hundreds of thousands depend on social assistance. Yet, all too the often the limited support available to those that need it isn’t enough. We can do better.

In a country as wealthy as ours we can ensure that no Canadian with a severe disability is forced to live in poverty.

A Jagmeet Singh-led  government will introduce a progressive, basic income for Canadians with severe disabilities to ensure that they do not have to live in poverty.  

The Canadians with Disabilities Guarantee will:

  • Provide a substantial, progressive, income-tested benefit to Canadians living with severe disabilities.

  • This income will be non-taxable and the federal government will consult with the provinces and territories in its rollout to ensure the continuation and optimization of existing provincial benefits so that there is no rollback of existing provincial benefit levels.

  • The goal of these negotiations will be to help eliminate systemic barriers for Canadians living with disabilities and ensure that with the combined federal-provincial benefits, no Canadian living with severe disabilities will be forced to live in poverty. 

This income guarantee is a substantial new investment that will require a number of funding sources. The program will be funded through a combination of progressive tax reforms including: increasing the capital gains inclusion rate, closing corporate tax loopholes and increasing the corporate tax rate; introducing an estate tax; and introducing new tax brackets on high income earners.