Carbon Emission Reduction

"We must do better than Stephen Harper’s emission targets, recently adopted by Justin Trudeau."


Carbon Emission Reduction

Jagmeet Singh’s NDP will work to reduce carbon emissions to 30% of 2005 levels by 2025 rather than 2030, and to subsequently adopt a more ambitious 2030 target. This would put Canada on a firm path to a 90% reduction by 2050, which is in line with Canada’s obligations under the Paris Agreement on climate change.

To meet this ambitious target, a Jagmeet Singh-led government will:

Adopt a National Public Transit Strategy: Canada is still the only country in the G8 without a national transit program and people across Canada are looking for more affordable, reliable, and accessible public transit options. Congestion in our urban centres is hurting both our economy and our environment. A Jagmeet Singh-led government will implement a National Public Transit Strategy that will provide the long term and predictable funding for public transit that cities and communities across the country are seeking.

Assist provinces with 2030 coal phaseout: Jagmeet will assist provinces with the 2030 coal phaseout by working with workers, communities, and industry to transition to renewables and other alternatives.

Reduce methane emissions: Jagmeet will reverse the Trudeau government’s decision to delay action on methane emission reductions in the oil and gas industry. This will ensure the safety and good repair of our oil and gas infrastructure and create good jobs.

Implement a Zero Emission Vehicle agenda: Vehicle emissions represent a significant share of greenhouse gas emissions in Canada. That is why Jagmeet Singh will work with the Provinces and industry to introduce a Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) agenda for Canada. The goal of the agenda is to increase the affordability and increase the availability of longer range electric vehicles. To do this Jagmeet will introduce a green levy on high emission vehicles and provide tax rebates on ZEV purchases, especially non-luxury models. Jagmeet will also make new investments in electric charging station infrastructure across the country, this will include leveraging existing federal land and buildings.

Introduce a Green Building Compact: Jagmeet will introduce a new green building compact between the federal and provincial governments including a packaged suite of federal energy efficiency policies, a revamp of building codes and standards, and a national building retrofit program and renewable heating program. The compact will result in thousands of new jobs and Jagmeet will ensure that every public dollar, regulation, and standard helps create local economic opportunities and builds support from local communities.

Green the Tax System: Jagmeet will use Canada’s federal tax system to support energy efficiency, renewable energy, and sustainable technologies. This will include a phase-out by 2020 of the billions in remaining fossil fuel subsidies and corporate tax breaks for the fossil fuel industry. Jagmeet will also use sales tax incentives and rebates on goods, services, and investments to help us collectively meet our climate goals.

Green Infrastructure Investments: Jagmeet will revamp conditions for federal infrastructure spending to include standards for greenhouse gas emissions and clear commitments to support good job opportunities.

Build a Renewable Energy Supergrid: Canada is a hydro-electricity superpower and is rapidly increasing other renewable sources. There is immense potential to utilize our low-carbon renewable electricity while simultaneously electrifying other sectors of our economy like transportation, oil and gas exploration, and mining. Jagmeet will sit down with Provinces, Territories and First Nations to explore a bold new project for Canada: connecting the country through a national east-west renewable electricity supergrid that links the country’s vast renewable resources to where they are needed.