Community Benefits Agreements

"It's time to take real steps towards fostering economic democracy in Canadian communities."

Community Benefits Agreements

The Trudeau government had a golden opportunity to create good, stable jobs and provide access to new economic opportunities through the billions of dollars in infrastructure investments across the country it campaigned on in 2015. Instead, the Trudeau government has chosen to use public money to line the pockets of wealthy investors through its new private infrastructure bank.

While the infrastructure bank creates opportunities for rich investors, Jagmeet will ensure that every public dollar is put to its best possible use. That’s why, as part of our Better Work Agenda, a Jagmeet-led NDP will create a national framework for enshrining Community Benefits Agreements (CBA) in federally-funded infrastructure projects. 

Through partnerships between community, labour, governments, and employers, a CBA framework will help to create local economic opportunities and build support from local communities for projects. It will also provide communities accountability and enforceable targets and allow each one to define benefits as they see fit –whether that be access to unionized construction jobs, new public space for community use, or to achieve environmental goals or other priorities. 

Community and labour activists have been scoring wins all over the world, signing CBAs with developers and government agencies from Los Angeles to Scotland. With billions of dollars in investments to be made, it’s time Canada gets on board and ensures that communities see the benefits of public investment.