Eight members of Toronto City Council endorse Jagmeet Singh

Toronto – Eight members of Toronto City Council endorsed Jagmeet Singh as leader of Canada’s NDP today, saying he is the candidate who best understands the interests of Canadian municipalities, while providing the energy to build progressive movement to deliver change. 

The eight members of council represent diverse parts of the city from suburban York West to eastern Scarborough and downtown Toronto.

The councillors issued a joint statement, noting Singh’s ability to attract new supporters, as demonstrated by the 47,000 new members who joined the NDP to support his bid: “Jagmeet is the leadership candidate with the energy and experience to grow our party and our progressive movement to deliver for Canadian municipalities.”

The councillors highlighted Singh’s understanding of the challenges our cities are facing and that he offers the “leadership we need to build inclusive, green and affordable cities across Canada.”

The councillors highlighted Singh’s policy planks on numerous critical issues facing Toronto and other Canadian municipalities, including  “his comprehensive decriminalization and harm reduction agenda so that we can stop the opioid crisis.” Councillor Joe Mihevc is the long-time Chair of the Toronto Board of Health, and Councillor Joe Cressy Chairs Toronto’s Drug Strategy.

Jagmeet Singh’s platform includes “a comprehensive climate change plan, including a commitment to a National Public Transit Strategy and investment in active transportation” – a traditional NDP policy that Jagmeet has highlighted throughout the campaign.

Jagmeet’s “commitment to community benefits and fair wages” reflect long-term priorities of progressive city councillors, who have advanced the city’s fair wage policy and included community benefits in new transit construction projects.

Finally, councillors highlighted Jagmeet’s Singh’s racial justice agenda as a key platform plank for Canadian municipalities. Progressives on Toronto council have advocated for an end to the practice of police carding and racial profiling and to make Toronto a Sanctuary City where services are offered regardless of immigration status.

The councillors ended their endorsement with Jagmeet Singh’s signature “with Love and Courage.”

The eight councillors endorsing Jagmeet Singh are:

Maria Augimeri

Joe Mihevc

Paula Fletcher

Anthony Perruzza

Gord Perks

Sarah Doucette

Joe Cressy

Neethan Shan

Voting is currently open for the first round of the leadership election. The results of the first ballot will be announced on Sunday, October 1 at the Westin Harbor Castle, Toronto.


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