Electoral Reform

We need to get more people – especially young people – excited about voting again, excited about their power to shape the future of their country for the better.

Electoral Reform

One of the most critical projects facing New Democrats is the re-engagement of Canadians with our political system and the rejuvenation of our democracy. 

One key way of accomplishing this is through changing our out-dated and broken voting system. Most countries use a form of proportional voting.  Canada should too.  Proportional representation is the only electoral system that ensures that the voices of every voter count. Jagmeet is passionate about this issue, and that’s why he committed to electoral reform in his launch speech and was pleased to fill out the questionnaire from Fair Vote Canada. 

Jagmeet agrees wholeheartedly with the Every Voter Counts Alliance that Canada needs a voting system which will:

  • Provide all citizens a real opportunity to elect a candidate according to their values

  • Reflect the choice of voters without producing skewed results that do not reflect voter intentions like false majorities and exaggerated regional divisions

  • Produce a more diverse, inclusive, and representative parliament

  • Respect the federal character of our country and the existing distribution of seats by province

  • Increase voter turnout

Evidence shows that only proportional representation will achieve these goals.

Building on the great leadership on this issue of Nathan Cullen, Alexandre Boulerice, Craig Scott, and the entire federal caucus, a Jagmeet Singh-led government will – as a first priority – establish a Mixed- Member Proportional system with regional lists.  After two electoral cycles under this system, Canadians will be asked to ratify it in a referendum.

Inclusivity and empowerment are at the core of Jagmeet’s values, and Jagmeet will not rest until Canada has a modern, inclusive and fair electoral system.