Fair Standards

“Part-time and temporary workers, along with unpaid intern are getting the shaft. Everyone deserves the same protections and standards, full stop.”

Fair Standards

Many Canadians are concerned about increasing insecurity in the labour market, characterized by precarious work, widespread use of part time jobs and temporary agencies and fewer workplace benefits.

As part of our Better Work Agenda, a Jagmeet Singh-led government will establish a national workplace law review to revise and update federal labour standards under the Canadian Labour Code. This review will specifically address the increase in contract and temp agency work, pay and benefit inequity, and barriers to forming a union.

Recognizing that the rise of temp agencies that mistreat workers, our plan will also ensure that all workers employed through a temporary job agency under federal jurisdiction receive the same wages, benefits, and working conditions as permanent full-time workers doing comparable work. Furthermore, it will end the practice of long-term temporary assignments and require that workers be made permanent employees after working a cumulative total of six months.

The Federal government has been complicit in the expansion of precarious work. Our plan will ensure the Federal government leads the way in creating good jobs.


Canada has witnessed the explosive growth of unpaid internships, particularly in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. Hundreds of thousands of Canadians are working without pay.

As part of our Better Work Agenda, Jagmeet is standing up for the principle that if you are working, you should be paid for that work. That’s why our plan advocates for immediately extending the Trudeau government’s limit on unpaid internships to require that interns working for federally-regulated employers as part of an academic program also be paid.