Fairness for Indigenous Communities, Workers & Families

"The key to Canada’s future prosperity lies in the creation of good green jobs while offering as many options as possible so that workers, their families, and communities have a better future."

Fairness for Indigenous Communities, Workers & Families

No climate plan can leave workers and communities behind nor trample the rights of Indigenous communities. Canadians must have opportunity and income security during economic transformations. The key to Canada’s future prosperity lies in the creation of good green jobs while offering as many options as possible so that workers, their families and communities, have a better future.

The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP), must be respected. Canada must obtain the free, prior and informed consent of Indigenous peoples before adopting and implementing legislative or administrative measures that may affect them. This is why we must oppose the proposed expansion of the Kinder Morgan pipeline and the building of the Energy East pipeline. Not only does significantly increasing oil production and international oil exports through these pipeline projects undermine our efforts to reduce our emissions, but it conflicts with UNDRIP. Canada needs to commit to UNDRIP and this means saying no to the Kinder Morgan and Energy East pipeline projects.

We must also make sure low and middle income Canadians are not put at risk by our efforts to reduce emissions. Carbon pricing, putting a cost on greenhouse gas emissions, is vital. It encourages both people and industry to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and encourages the development of new and renewable energy sources. Jagmeet Singh’s NDP will ensure that carbon pricing is twinned with rebates to make it more affordable and fair for low and middle income Canadians.

Jagmeet Singh will also make sure we are negotiating with provinces on carbon pricing, because a one-sizes-fits-all approach risks harming the economy and missing opportunities to ensure lower emissions, good green jobs, better housing, reduced poverty, and making life more affordable for people.

Jagmeet Singh’s Green Economy and Climate Agenda will make investments for industries and regions undergoing change to ensure that no worker is left behind. This includes supporting younger workers and worker retraining that leads to decent jobs, providing additional income supports for workers already close to retirement, and targeting government spending in the form of hospitals, universities, and other government work to impacted communities.

Through Jagmeet’s Better Work Agenda and commitment to Community Benefit Agreements, Jagmeet will ensure federally funded infrastructure projects provide employment and career opportunities for those communities impacted by the transition to a low-carbon economy and individuals who face barriers to employment.