May 28, 2017

Singh Releases Policy to Curb Insecure Employment

SUDBURY - New Democratic Party of Canada leadership candidate Jagmeet Singh launched a bold plan to improve employment conditions for millions of Canadians who are struggling with insecure, unstable work.

The plan includes a $15 minimum wage tied to inflation for workers in federal jurisdiction, a review and update of federal labour standards, equal rights for temp agency workers, a broadening of the ban on unpaid internships, a requirement that federal infrastructure funds create local jobs and a reinstatement of the Fair Wages and Hours of Labour Act.

“It is unacceptable that a person working full time cannot make ends meet” said Singh. “Yet for more and more Canadian workers that is their reality. The rise of insecure work is a key part of Canada’s growing economic inequality. Canadians are worried and looking for action.”

The Justin Trudeau government has been complacent, calling this situation the new normal and telling young workers to “get used to” the"job churn" as they"move from job to job to job." The Trudeau government has failed to institute a federal minimum wage, update the laws that regulate employment conditions, or mandate that public infrastructure investments deliver economic benefits to Canadian workers and communities.

Jagmeet Singh has been a committed ally of working people, trade unions, and grassroots movements such as $15 and Fairness that are fighting for the rights of workers.

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