Greetings from Jagmeet Singh on the Holy Month of Ramadan

In recognition of the start of Ramadan for Muslims around the world, Federal NDP Leadership Candidate Jagmeet Singh offered his best wishes for joyous month for the Canadian Muslim community, and all Muslims worldwide. 

Asalaam ulaikum. 

It is the most beautiful month of the year for Muslims, a month of reflection, spiritual reset, and connection with family, friends, and community.

Ramadan also serves a reminder of what deprivation and scarcity feel like, and how we all have a collective responsibility to improve the conditions of each other's lives, here in Canada and globally.

It’s a time to think about those who don’t live with privilege and a time to keep the victims and survivors of violence, intolerance, racism, hunger, deprivation, and pain – here at home and across the globe – in our prayers. It’s a time in which Muslims give generously to alleviate those conditions and to better the lives of all human beings, everywhere.

This has been an especially trying year for Muslims in Canada. We all remember the horrifying events in Sainte Foy when six members of the Muslim community were murdered simply for being Muslim. But it has also been a year when the Muslim community has shown Canadians what it means to respond to an act of hate with strength, determination and generosity. We have all learned from your courage and empathy, and we all stand with you against any act of hate or intolerance.

I am grateful for your contributions to Canada. The richness of your communities, and your generosity and compassion, make this a better country.

Thank you, and Ramadan Mubarak.