Jagmeet Singh’s Statement in Recognition of Tamil Genocide Remembrance Day

In marking Tamil Genocide Remembrance Day in May, Federal NDP Leadership Candidate Jagmeet Singh called for the international community and all Canadians to stand in solidarity with the Tamil community as they continue to stand for justice, peace and reconciliation. During this month, the Tamil Canadian community remembers the thousands of innocent lives lost during the Tamil genocide in Sri Lanka.

On Tamil Genocide Remembrance Day,  I stand with the Tamil community and all Canadians in remembering the innocent children, women and men who were victims of the Tamil genocide, and call for an end to the ongoing oppression and human rights violations faced by the Tamil community at the hands of the Sri Lankan government.

By recognizing this genocide, we denounce the atrocity, but also signal our broader denunciation of violence against any marginalized group. It acts as a strategy to prevent future violence from repeating itself, and indicates our united stance against any form of injustice.

Despite such circumstances and targeted persecution, The Canadian Tamil community has shown inspirational resilience. The community's incredible commitment to celebrating their culture and language through their arts, music and timeless traditions, represents an act of defiance to those who attempted to eradicate their people.

Today I call on Canada and the international community to stand together in recognition of the the genocide against the Tamil community, and support their efforts in trying to find a permanent solution based on peace, freedom and justice for Tamils in Tamil Eelam.