MP Kennedy Stewart Endorses Jagmeet

NDP MP for Burnaby South, B.C., Kennedy Stewart announced his support for NDP Leadership Candidate Jagmeet Singh. See Kennedy's statement:


"We need to shake things up in Ottawa and it’s time we inspired Canadians to join us in making history again.

With the right leader, the Federal NDP has the opportunity to follow BC's lead - to inspire Canadians and win government in 2019 so that we too can begin the hard work of making life better for people across the country.

Jagmeet has been causing a stir in my riding, across British Columbia, and right across Canada. Everyone I speak with is excited about him running for leader and thousands of people are getting involved with the NDP for the first time because of Jagmeet.

That’s why I am proud to endorse Jagmeet Singh for leader of the Federal NDP.

Jagmeet Singh is the growth candidate in this leadership race. He is the one who can lead our party to win in new ridings across the country and rebuild following our 2015 losses.

Jagmeet’s refreshing and gentle charm, his ability to listen and encourage people, will help build an incredible team in Parliament and inspire strong candidates to join us in taking on Trudeau and Scheer in 2019.

Jagmeet represents today’s Canada. He is the growth candidate not only because of the joy he brings to politics, but also because his leadership represents a voice that is currently missing from our national political landscape.

I want every young person to be inspired by our leader - and, for that leader to pave a way for them to believe in an NDP Government and a Canada that includes them. Jagmeet offers that path.

As leader of Canada’s NDP, Jagmeet will make history as the first visible minority to lead a national political party and the first to run for Prime Minister.

The NDP is a party of firsts and has always led when it comes to representing new voices in the House of Commons. This makes me proud to be a New Democrat and I couldn’t be prouder than to have our party led by Jagmeet.

Join me today in supporting Jagmeet for leader of Canada’s NDP. Click here to pledge your support for Jagmeet."

- Kennedy Stewart, Member of Parliament for Burnaby South