Jagmeet Announces Plan to Remove Kids from Canada's 'No Fly List'

TORONTO – Jagmeet Singh, candidate in the federal NDP leadership race, has announced a commitment to remove kids from Canada’s “No Fly List”, and reform Canadian travel and security regulations.


Currently, Canadian travel and security regulations result in false-positives and unnecessary secondary screening for kids whose names match those on Canada’s “No Fly List” (also known as the Passenger Protect Program).

Singh made the announcement with a video release that features the story of Ammar, a 2-year-old Canadian boy who is on Canada’s “No Fly List”. View and share the video here:

“We owe it to families like Ammar’s to build a Canada where no one is left behind.”, says Singh.

“That’s why as Leader of the NDP and Prime Minister, I’ll immediately remove all children from Canada’s ‘No Fly List’ and make sure these lists are created and maintained with sensible, unique identifiers like a date of birth and passport information.” Singh’s plan will also create an official redress system for all Canadians, so that people dealing with mistaken identity can be removed from these lists and go back to living their lives.

The United States has a redress system to address problems like this and ensure children and other innocent Canadians don’t get trapped on the list because of mistaken identity. This issue has affected many Canadians, but both Conservative and Liberal governments have not acted to address these issues. A Jagmeet-led NDP government will have the compassion to listen to Canadians seeking fairness and the drive to make sure they get the respect they deserve. 

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