Living wages

"It's unacceptable that Canadians working full-time, trying to earn a living, are still struggling to make ends meet."

Living wages

As part of our Better Work Agenda, a Jagmeet Singh-led government will immediately implement a $15 per hour minimum wage for the tens of thousands of workers employed under federal jurisdiction, indexed to keep pace with inflation.

Setting a living wage floor for federal workers not only ensures that they have fair work standards, it also sets a benchmark for wages across Canada. Jagmeet believes the Federal government must show leadership and raise the bar.

Jagmeet also recognizes that women, racialized workers and other vulnerable workers are disproportionately represented in low wage work. We will continue to be an ally of working people, trade unions, and grassroots movements such as $15 and Fairness that are fighting for the wages, benefits and rights of workers across the country.