Ontario MPPs Endorse Jagmeet

TORONTO, ON – Federal NDP Leadership Candidate, Jagmeet Singh, welcomed eleven additional endorsements from Ontario including nine current and two former Members of Provincial Parliament. See the list of Ontario MPP endorsements here:

Singh was humbled to accept the support of his fellow MPPs. “I am so grateful to these eleven tremendous public servants for their support.” Singh added, “It has been an honour to call each and every one of them a colleague and a friend.”

See the list of Ontario MPP endorsements here:

“I’m proud to endorse Jagmeet. He keeps the people we are elected to serve at the centre of his work and I love seeing him inspire a new generation of young people to get more involved in politics - he does so with enthusiasm and honesty.”

- Catherine Fife, MPP for Kitchener—Waterloo, Ontario


“I’ve had the honour of serving with Jagmeet in the Ontario Legislature for a number of years and I know how exciting he can make politics. He has the ability to reach out to a new generation of people and energize them to help the NDP form government in 2019.”

- Wayne Gates, MPP for Niagara Falls, Ontario


“Jagmeet has an endless energy. He has the heart of a lion and a tenacity that promises a better future for Canada with him as our leader. I am proud to support Jagmeet.” 

- Michael Mantha, MPP for Algoma—Manitoulin, Ontario


“Jagmeet is a gifted communicator, who is uniquely able to help the NDP build a growing coalition across social democratic communities in both urban and suburban Canada. He is warm and authentic, with an unwavering and deeply rooted commitment to social justice. I am proud to endorse him for leader of Canada’s NDP.”  

- Peggy Sattler, MPP for London West, Ontario


“I am proud to support my friend and colleague Jagmeet Singh as our next leader of the federal NDP. Jagmeet's dedication to the pursuit of justice and equality are ingrained in his being. Like so many of our party's cherished leaders, Jagmeet's ability to bring people together in common purpose breeds hope for a better world.”

- Taras Natyshak, MPP for Essex, Ontario


“As an MPP and past school board trustee, I know Jagmeet is deeply committed to excellent, equitable public education. Jagmeet also leads the same way the best educators do. He builds mutual respect, creates space for dialogue and always advocates for the most vulnerable. I’m proud to support him for NDP leader.”

- Lisa Gretzky, MPP for Windsor West, Ontario


“Jagmeet has a rare gift for connecting with people. This shows especially in his unique ability to engage young people across Canada who haven’t been involved in the traditional political process before. I’m excited to support him for leader of Canada’s NDP.”

- Percy Hatfield, MPP for Windsor—Tecumseh, Ontario


“Jagmeet Singh has the warmth and compassion to connect deeply with voters across the country, and the sharp mind and fresh ideas to gain their support. I fundamentally believe Jagmeet can continue to grow the federal NDP into a strong opposition to Trudeau’s Liberals, and lead us to form government in 2019. I’m proud to endorse him for Leader of Canada’s NDP.”

- Cindy Forster, MPP for Welland, Ontario


“I’m proud to endorse Jagmeet Singh for Leader of Canada’s NDP. Jagmeet’s ability to connect with diverse communities across Canada and engage voters who have not previously been involved in the political process will help us renew the party and take on Justin Trudeau in 2019.”

- Jennifer French, MPP for Oshawa, Ontario


“A brilliant and bilingual social democrat with strong social skills, Jagmeet represents a new generation of leadership that is needed to grow the party in every region of the country. I am proud and excited to support him for leader.”

- Rosario Marchese, Former MPP for Trinity—Spadina, Ontario from 1990-2014


“I've had the privilege to work with Jagmeet for nearly 6 years. He is a special  candidate. He will be able to reach out across the country, bring new activists and supporters into the NDP, and build an organization strong enough to truly challenge the Liberals and Conservatives.”  

- Jonah Schein, Former MPP for Davenport, Ontario from 2011-2014

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Jagmeet Singh is a candidate for the leader of Canada’s NDP. He has been a Member of Provincial Parliament in Ontario since 2011 and was Deputy Leader of the New Democratic Party of Ontario. Prior to his election, he practiced as a defense attorney. He has always stood up for the most vulnerable and has been active on a variety of human rights issues. As a member of Parliament, he made himself known for his work on precarious work and the fight against racial profiling.

The NDP leadership race to replace Thomas Mulcair kicked off last summer. Candidates include Jagmeet Singh, Niki Ashton, Guy Caron and Charlie Angus. The first ballot will open on September 18, 2017 and by mid October 2017 the NDP will have a new leader.