MP Randall Garrison Endorses Jagmeet

MP and NDP Critic for LGBTQ Issues and National Defence, Randall Garrison announced his support for NDP Leadership Candidate Jagmeet Singh. See Randall’s statement:


I am very excited to let you know who I’m supporting to be the Leader of Canada’s NDP and the next Prime Minister of Canada: Jagmeet Singh!

Since Jagmeet entered the race, there has been an unprecedented level of excitement across the country. In my own riding on Southern Vancouver Island, where I‘ve been working hard to renew my riding association and our membership, I’ve heard an impressive buzz about Jagmeet’s candidacy.

Jagmeet is the only candidate who can generate the enthusiasm and energy we need to take on Trudeau and Scheer in 2019.

Jagmeet is an organizer at heart and his ability to grow our party membership and strengthen our party’s fundraising makes me tremendously hopeful. His ability to rebuild the NDP in ridings across British Columbia and help us break through Liberal strongholds throughout the country makes clear the NDP’s path to government in 2019.

Recently, Jagmeet released his Green Economy and Climate Agenda. Making sure we build a green and more prosperous Canada is one of the central reasons I ran for Parliament. I could not be more impressed with Jagmeet’s climate change vision. It is the most comprehensive and innovate plan the Party has seen in years.

Whether it’s his approach to climate change and jobs creation or his commitment to progressive tax reform or his long-time leadership on critical human rights issues, I’m convinced Jagmeet’s committed and thoughtful brand of social democracy will resonate with Canadians everywhere.

June has been a really exciting month. As Pride celebrations kicked off across the country, Bill C-16, which enshrined equal rights and protections for Trans people in Canadian law finally received Senate approval. Putting gender identity and gender expression in the Canadian Human Rights Act and the hate crimes section of the Criminal Code will make sure that transgender and gender variant Canadians enjoy the same rights and protections as all other Canadians. I will be proud to have Jagmeet Singh as an ally and our Leader as we now move on to the work of making sure these rights are reflected in all federal policies and services.

Join me in supporting Jagmeet Singh as the NDP’s next Leader and the next Prime Minister of Canada. Pledge your support for Jagmeet here.

Thank you!


Randall Garrison

Member of Parliament for Esquimalt-Saanich-Sooke, BC

Critic for LGBTQ Issues, Critic for National Defence