Build a Canada with love and courage, together.

Build a Canada with love and courage, together.

I have had the privilege to travel throughout the country and meet Canadians from all walks of life. People are hungry for new leadership in our party and in Canada. Leadership that will bring people together. To build a Canada that is inclusive and where everyone can realize their dreams.

And that is why I am running to be the leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada.

In the coming months, I will be announcing a comprehensive policy program that I am excited to share with you here on my website.

We New Democrats have built great things in our history—things that still define what it is to be Canadian, things we are very proud of—our universal health system, retirement pensions, and protections for the rights of workers.

We fought for pay equity, for a woman’s right to choose, for an end to violence against women and we stood up for the rights of the LGBTQ community long before it was accepted.

Some of these things we have fought for are under attack. We have to defend them, but we can’t stop there. We must tackle inequality with bold action. Implement climate change targets that will help us meet our goals and seriously reduce emissions. Unlike our current Prime Minister, we must take genuine steps towards reconciliation with Indigenous peoples and we must correct the inequitable and discriminatory funding to First Nations children. We must also repair our broken electoral system and ensure that every vote counts.

Across this country, I see people wanting to help each other out. I saw that when I was knocking on doors just a couple of weeks ago in BC-where we just elected many incredible new MLAs.

I saw it two years ago in Alberta, knocking on doors in Calgary-McCall—where Irfan Sabir, was not only elected, but was named Minister of Human Services. I saw it in Point-Douglas in Manitoba—where I knocked on doors with our amazing candidate Bernadette Smith.

Why are we seeing this energy across the country? Because people want better. And the NDP is the only party that can and will deliver it.

To achieve this, we need to invite people in. To renew our movement, we need to inspire new members to join, from Trois-Rivières to Kamloops, from Saskatoon to Sackville, and from Toronto to Athabasca.

We must fight relentlessly for justice, to reverse the growing inequality in our country. We must exemplify a model of leadership as service, to tear down the system of government for and by the elite.

We must inspire a true sense of self-worth and a new generation of leaders, to counter the feeling of powerlessness felt by so many. We must champion a politics of love, to fight the politics of hate.

This is the vision that I’m offering for our party and for our country. This is not only how we win, but why we must win.

I am inviting you to join me in realizing this vision of a more just and a more inclusive Canada.

This is the Canada we will build with love and courage, together.