Jagmeet's Statement on World Environment Day

In recognition of World Environment Day. Federal NDP Leadership candidate, Jagmeet Singh, urged Canadians to do their part in combating climate change, and called on the Federal government to strengthen and uphold Canada's pollution targets.

Today I join with others around the globe to celebrate World Environment Day. This year’s theme, “Connecting People to Nature”, strikes at the heart of our responsibility as stewards of this planet. In fact it reminds of something my mother taught me.  She taught me that we are all connected by a common energy, not just all of us a people but the environment and all living things as well.

So if we hurt environment we are actually hurting ourselves. That's why we must care for the environment with the same love that we would care for ourselves and those closest to us. 

It is crucial that we think about this constant connection between what we do every day, and the resulting impact our air, earth, and water.

Not only must we do all we can to protect the environment right now, but we also have a moral responsibility to future generations, to leave this world better than we found it.

World Environment Day reminds us that Canada must do more to strengthen and uphold our climate goals. When Prime Minister Trudeau decided to adopt Stephen Harper's pollution targets, he failed to show the leadership that we need to ensure Canada is doing its part as a member of a global community.

Today I call on all Canadians to recognize the responsibility we have to protect our planet. I also call on the Federal government to implement real emissions reductions targets to achieve our climate goals and do our part in the international effort to reverse the effects of climate change.

The planet is taking care of us the best it can, we need to return that favour. Today, and every day.