Jagmeet launches 'You Plus Five' Challenge

To win in 2019, we have to grow our party and build a diverse, energized, and well-resourced team of organizers and candidates.  

That is why I'm so proud of our amazing team of volunteers, who have been working tirelessly to sign up thousands of new members across the country.

And that’s why I’m really excited to share this video they made for you. They’re signing up their family members, friends, neighbours, classmates and coworkers as members of the NDP and they’re asking you to do the same.

New Democrats win when we’re on the ground, speaking directly to people and when we organize from the community out, not the top down. We win when we engage people who have never been a part of the political process. Our campaign is doing this now and I’m inviting you to join us.

If you’re like me, and are excited about the opportunity we have to grow the NDP and build a team that can take on Trudeau in 2019, here’s something really simple you can do:

Share this video, sign up if you’re not already a member, and commit to signing up 5 friends to become members of the NDP. 

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